Wednesday AM

AN1WCC-Room 12

Advances in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (Joint with EN) (joint with EN1)

Organizer(s) - Stephen Duffy
Chair(s) - Stephen Duffy and Douglas Goltz

08:40 00979 The Investigation of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Contaminated Sediments in Saglek Bay, Labrador $Reimer K.J., *Sheldon T.A.
09:00 Maxxam Award Lecture presented by Ralph Sturgeon

Introduction of Ralph Sturgeon by Joseph Caruso

09:00 00980 Reference Materials, Traceability and Uncertainty: New Challenges for the Analytical Community Sturgeon R.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 00981 Thermally Assisted Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry Using a Coaxially Heated Hollow Fibre Membrane Interface for the Analysis of Semi-Volatile Molecules Creba A.S., Thompson A.J., Gill C.G., Krogh E.T.
10:20 00982 A Mechanism Kinetics Model for Chlorothalonil in Simcoe Soil *$Gamble D.S.
10:40 00983 Sample Preparation for the Determination of Halogenated Contaminants in Environmental Matrices Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) Babcock C., *$Henderson S.E.
11:00 00984 Calibration and Field Deployment of a Passive Sampling Device for Pharmaceuticals in Surface Water *MacLeod S.L., $Wong C.S.
11:20 00985 Solid Phase Microextraction of Macrolide, Trimethoprim and Sulfonamide Antibiotics in Wastewaters McClure E.L., *$Wong C.S.
11:40 End of Session


Post-Modern Electrochemistry (Joint with PT) (joint with PT11)

Organizer(s) - Sylvie Morin, Ian Burgess and Alexandre Brolo
Chair(s) - Peter Pickup and Ian Burgess

08:20 00986 On the Origin of Mesoscopic Inhomogeneity of Conducting Polymers *$Semeniknin O.A.
08:40 00987 Laser-Based Techniques for the Preparation of Metastable and Nanostructured Materials in Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis *Guay D.
09:00 00988 Voltammetry at Spatially Heterogeneous Electrodes *Compton R.G., Ward Jones S.E., Wildgoose G.G., Davies T.J.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 00989 The Use of Hot Microelectrodes and Faradaic Rectification Currents in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy *$Baranski A.S., Boika A
10:20 00990 Electrochemical Oxidation of CO Revisited Using Sum Frequency Generation and IR Absorption Spectroscopy Chou K.C.
10:40 00991 Nernst-Planck Analysis of Traveling Chemical Waves Leaist D.G.
11:00 00992 Electrocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction *$Pickup P.G., Begum A.
11:20 00993 Oscillations and Bistability During Electrolysis of Sulfide Chen A., Miller B., Yi Q., Koczkur K.
11:40 End of Session

BM7WCC-Room 8


Organizer(s) - Athar Ata
Chair(s) - Jim Diakur

08:00 00994 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Stabilized Functionalized Derivatives of Prodigiosin *Thompson A.
08:40 00995 Determination of Biogenic Amines in Foods and Alcoholic Beverages by Ion Chromatography Babcock C., *$DeBorba B.M.
09:00 00996 An Alternative Approach to the Direct Fluorination of Aromatic Amino Acids Using Elemental Fluorine: Synthesis of a New PET Tracer For Tumor Imaging $Behnam Azad B., Farncombe T., Saab C., Schrobilgen G.J., *Chirakal R.V.
09:20 Coffee Break
10:00 00997 How the Anthracycline Cardioprotective Drug Dexrazoxane Works in Cardiac and Tumor Cells *$Hasinoff B.B.
10:40 00998 Effect of Mating on Pheromone Biosynthesis in Female Tenebrio Molitor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) *Mangat J., $Vanderwel D.
11:00 End of Session

CE1WCC-Room 7

Chemistry Competitions - Regional, National and International

Organizer(s) - Gordon Bates
Chair(s) - Gordon Bates

08:00 00999 A Quarter Century of the National High School Chemistry Examination, NHSCE: Past, Present, and Future Abhyankar S.B.
08:20 01000 CHEM 13 NEWS and AVOGADRO Exams: A Historical Perspective Bissonnette C., Brubacher L.J.
08:40 01001 Thompson Rivers University Chemistry Contest Brewer S.E., Bickley D.G., Cinel B.
09:00 01002 Canadian Chemistry and Physics Olympiads Skonieczny S.
09:20 01003 Identifying and Training Top High School Students - The Ontario Chemistry Olympiad Program Dicks A.P.
09:40 Student Awards Reception and Student Chapters Presidents Meeting

11:00 Chemistry Competitions - Informal Discussion This time has been set aside for an open discussion regarding the various chemistry competitions. All interested are invited to attend.

11:40 End of Session

EN1WCC-Room 12

Advances in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (Joint with AN) (joint with AN1)

Organizer(s) - Stephen Duffy
Chair(s) - Stephen Duffy and Douglas Goltz

08:40 Joint with Analytical Chemistry Division - See AN1

09:00 Maxxam Award Lecture presented by Ralph Sturgeon

11:40 End of Session

EN2WCC-Room 11

Applications of Spectroscopy: Remotely and in the Lab (Joint with PT) (joint with PT1)

Organizer(s) - Jennifer van Wijngaarden
Chair(s) - Jennifer van Wijngaarden

08:00 01004 Emission Infrared Spectroscopy Using a Planar Array Infrared Spectrometer *Pellerin C., Pelletier I., Rabolt J.F., Chase D.B.
08:40 01005 Gas-Phase Chemistry in the Process of Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition of SiC and SiNx Thin Films *$Shi Y.J., Li X.M., Eustergerling B.D., Tong L., Heden M.
09:20 01006 Low Temperature Phase Transitions in Langmuir-Blodgett Films: The Role of Ordered Water on Surfaces *Leach G.W., Johansson T.P.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01007 Exploring Chirality and Chiral Recognition on the Molecular Level Using Experimental Spectroscopic and Ab Initio Methods *$Xu Y.
10:40 01008 ATR-FTIR Spectroscopic Investigations of p-Arsanilic Acid Adsorption on Iron Oxide Nanoparticles *$Al-Abadleh H., DePalma S., Crasto G., Cowen S.
11:00 01009 Spectroscopy of Single Semiconductor Nanowires: Pushing the Limit of Raman Confocal Microscopy Lagugné-Labarthet F.
11:20 01010 Microwave Spectroscopic Studies of orthoH2 - HCCCN and paraH2 - HCCCN Dimers: The First Step to Larger (H2)N - HCCCN Clusters Michaud J.M., Topic W.C., Jager W.
11:40 End of Session

EN4WCC-Room 5

Emerging Environmental Contaminants: Occurrence, Fate and Effects

Organizer(s) - Charles Wong and Jonathan Martin
Chair(s) - Jonathan Martin and Charles Wong

08:00 01011 Seasonal Trends of Mercury Deposition in Tibetan Glaciers Loewen M.D., Kang S., Armstrong D., Zhang Q., Tomy G.T., Wang F,
08:20 01012 Mercury Speciation and Distribution in the Hudson Bay Marine Ecosystem Hare A.A., Pazerniuk M., Kuzyk Z., Wang F., Stern G., Armstrong D., Lean D., Macdonald R.
08:40 01013 Seasonal Trends of Atmospheric Chlorinated Pesticides in the Central Himalaya *$Loewen M.D., Sharma S., Fuchs C., Wang F., Wania F., Muir D.C.G., Tomy G.T.

09:00 Maxxam Award Lecture presented by Ralph Sturgeon in WCC-12

09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01014 Biovector Transport of Contaminants *$Blais J.M., Macdonald R.W., Mackay D., Webster E., Smol J.P.
10:40 01015 Enantiomer Analysis Reveals the Secrets of PCB Contamination in the Hudson River Estuary Asher B.J., Totten L.A., *$Wong C.S.
11:00 01016 Fluorotelomer Based Substances: The Basis for Assessment Conclusions and the Regulatory Implications to Address PFCA Precursors from Fluorotelomer Sources White G.S., Gandia R., Hill M., Lewis M.A., Hammond G.S.
11:20 01017 Isomer-Specific Uptake, Tissue Distribution and Elimination of Perfluorinated Acids in Rats Benskin J.P., De Silva A.O., Mabury S.A., *$Martin J.W.
11:40 End of Session

IN1WCC-Room 3

Concepts and Models in Bioinorganic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz and Pierre Kennepohl
Chair(s) - Robert Morris

08:00 01018 Understanding Chemical Interactions Between Heavy Metals and Bio-Ligands *$Burford N., Groom K., Phillips H.A., Saunders C.D.L.
08:40 01019 The Immunoinorganic Chemisty of Cytotoxins and Adjuvants *$Bohle D.S., Bellemare M.-J., Olivier M.
09:20 01020 Synthesis and Characterization of Mercury-Alanine Complexes Saunders C.D.L., *Burford N., Werner-Zwanziger U., McDonald R.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01021 Ultrahigh-Field Multinuclear Solid-State Magnetic Resonance Investigations of Bioinorganic Model Systems *$Bryce D.L., Adiga S., Aebi D., Chapman R.P., Lee P.K., Sward G.D., Zhang L.
10:40 01022 XAS as a Tool for the Characterization of Sulfur-Centered Free Radical Intermediates Martin-Diaconescu V., *$Kennepohl P.
11:00 01023 Vanadium(III) Thiolate Complexes as Nitrogenase Models: Spectroscopic Investigation by High-Frequency and -Field EPR (HFEPR) *Telser J., Krzystek J., Ozarowski A., Chu W.-C., Wang Z.-C., Tsai Y.-F., $Hsu H.-F.
11:20 01024 Heme Proteins in Ionic Liquids Taylor S.A., $Walsby C.J.
11:40 End of Session

IN2WCC-Room 4

Main Group Compounds in Catalysis, Materials Research and Biochemistry

Organizer(s) - Lothar Stahl and Paul Ragogna
Chair(s) - Lothar Stahl

08:00 01025 Bond Activation across Late Transition Metal Nitrogen Bonds *$Gruetzmacher H.
08:40 01026 Design and Tuning of an "Inorganic" Ligand: 1,2-Diaza-3,5-diborolyl Complexes of Transition Metals Ly H.V., Forster T.D., Parvez M., McDonald R., Eisler D., *$Roesler R.
09:00 01027 Electrochemical Studies of Hydrazidophosphines Used in Aqueous Catalysis *Boeré R.T., Majoral J.-P., Sournia-Saquet A., Zablocka M.
09:20 01028 Frustrated Lewis Pairs in Catalysis: Transition Metal-Free Hydrogenation Chemistry Mediated by H2-Activating Main-Group Complexes $Chase P. A., Welch G.C., *Stephan D.W.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01029 A Highly Reactive Ruthenium-Phosphorus p-Bond: Probing Metal-Mediated P-C Bond Formation Rosenberg L., Derrah E.J., Pantazis D.A., McDonald R.
10:20 01030 Catalysts with Chiral Tridentate Supports in Lactide Polymerization *$Mehrkhodavandi P., Douglas A., Labourdette G., Lagaditis P.
10:40 01031 Carbene Stabilization of a Transient Germylene. Synthesis of a Germanium Phosphine Mimic (R3Ge:), Lewis Base Chemistry and Possible Precursor for Anionic Germanium Polymerization Rupar P.A., Jennings M.C., *$Baines K.M.
11:00 01032 Novel Phosphonium Ionic Liquids with Unusual Functionalities Tindale J.J., Ragogna P.J.
11:20 01033 Mechanistic Investigation of Ligand Exchange in Guanidinate Ligand Systems Brazeau A.L., *DiLabio G.A., $Barry S.T.
11:40 End of Session

IN3WCC-Room 2

Mechanism and Design in Organometallic Catalysis

Organizer(s) - Peter Budzelaar, Jennifer Love and Deryn Fogg
Chair(s) - Peter Budzelaar

08:00 01034 Impact of Na- and K-C p-Interactions on the Structure and Binding of M3(sol)n(BINOLate)3Ln Complexes *$Walsh P.J., Wooten A.J., Carroll P.J.
08:20 01035 The Design of New Ancillary Ligands for the Construction of Mononuclear and Dinuclear Transition Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and Applications in Catalysis *Turculet L., MacInnis M., MacLean D., Hayes C.
08:40 01036 Net Donor Properties of Common 2e Ligands in Organometallic Complexes *$Gusev D.G.
09:00 01037 Mechanistic Studies of the Asymmetric Hydroboration of Vinyl Arenes: A Remarkable Effect of Ligand, Substrate and Reagent *Crudden C.M., Edwards D.R., Hleba Y.B., Lata C.J.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01038 Carbon-Hydrogen and Carbon-Heteroatom Cleavage Reactions at PNP-Supported Metal Centers *$Ozerov O.V., Gatard S., Fan L., Zhu Y., Foxman B.M., Guo C., Musaev D.
10:40 01039 Group V and VI Metal Complexes Bearing N,N'-Disubstituted 1,8-Diaminonaphthalene Ligands Lavoie N., *Korobkov I., Richeson D.S.
11:00 01040 Organometallic Single Electron Transfer Reactivity: Alkyl Halide Activation and Controlled Radical Polymerization with CpCr(Nacnac) Complexes *Smith K.M., Conway J.L., Tang L., Baisch U., Poli R.
11:20 End of Session

IN5WCC-Room 9

Solid-State Chemistry for Energy Conversion (Joint with MT) (joint with MT7)

Organizer(s) - John Greedan
Chair(s) - John Greedan and Yurij Mozharivskyj

08:00 01041 Advanced Magnetocaloric Materials *Pecharsky V.K.
08:40 01042 Chemistry of the Ln5X4 Magnetocaloric Materials (Ln is a Lanthanide, X is a p-Element) *$Mozharivskyj Y., Pecharsky V.K., Miller G.J.
09:00 01043 Thermoelectric Properties of New Materials Forming the Ir3Ge7 Type *$Kleinke H.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01044 Nanostructured Thermoelectrics for Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Kanatzidis M.G., Hogan T., Sootsman J., Chung D.-Y., Poudeu F.P., Wu C.-I., Uher C., Kong H.-J.
10:40 01045 Structure of Cd12.7(1)Sb10, the Cadmium Analogue of the Thermoelectric Material "b-Zn4Sb3" Zelinska O.Ya., Bie H., Mar A.
11:00 01046 Oxides as Potential Thermoelectrics *$Maignan A., Hébert S., Pelloquin D., Caignaert V., Pralong V., Kobayashi W.
11:40 End of Session


Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications

Organizer(s) - Frank van Veggel
Chair(s) - Frank van Veggel

08:00 01047 The Design and Optimization of Lanthanide Trifluoride Nanoparticles for MRI and CT Imaging Dong C., Ningman E., Prosser R.S., Stanisz G.J., van Veggel F.C.J.M.
08:40 01048 Lanthanide Fluoride Nanocrystals Grown in the Presence of Inverse Micelles *$Ritcey A.M., Lemyre J.-L.
09:20 01049 Light-Emitting Diodes Made from GaN:Mg Nanocrystals Tan M., Mahalingam V., *van Veggel F.C.J.M.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01050 Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Highly Ordered Polythiophene-Based Thin Films *Leach G.W., Mattu J., Johansson T.P.
10:20 01051 Electronic and Optical Effects of N-Functionalization in Polythiazole Systems Mason R.J., MacLean B.J.
10:40 01052 Photophysical and Electrochemical Investigation of Self-Assembled Conjugated Oligofluorenes Perez S., Tsang D., Sylla A., *$Skene W.G.
11:00 End of Session

MT7WCC-Room 9

Solid-State Chemistry for Energy Conversion (Joint with IN) (joint with IN5)

Organizer(s) - John Greedan
Chair(s) - John Greedan and Yurij Mozharivskyj

08:00 Joint with Inorganic Chemistry Division - See IN5

11:40 End of Session

OR2WCC-Room 1

Bio-Organic Mechanisms

Organizer(s) - Derek Pratt

08:20 Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research Award Lecture presented by Jeffrey Keillor

Introduction of Jeffrey Keillor by John Vederas

08:20 01053 The Bioorganic Chemistry of Transpeptidase Enzymes: From Mechanistic Studies to Inhibition and Engineering *$Keillor J.W.
09:00 01054 Towards the Catalytic Mechanism of Carbon-Phosphorus Lyase $Zechel D.L., Adams M., He S.-M., Luo Y., Hove-Jensen B., Jia Z.
09:20 Coffee Break
10:00 01055 Mechanistic Study of a Novel Photolytic Process for the Creation of Light Dependent DNAzymes and Application to Synthetic Chemistry Ting R., *$Perrin D.M.
10:40 01056 The Interplay of pi-Stacking and Hydrogen Bonding in Guanidinium Ion-Mediated Recognition Sarytcheva O.V., Koivisto B.D., McKie A.H., Wang X., Hof F.
11:00 R.U. Lemieux Award Lecture presented by R. Stan Brown

Introduction of R. Stan Brown by J. Peter Guthrie

11:00 01057 Dinuclear Zn2+ Catalysts as Biomimics of Biological RNA and DNA Phosphoryl Transfer Enzymes: A Reduced Polarity Medium Provides Spectactular Rate Enhancements *$Brown R.S.
11:40 End of Session

OR3WCC-Room 15

Carbohydrates in Medicine and Drug Discovery

Organizer(s) - Frank Schweizer
Chair(s) - Robert Ben

08:20 Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research Award Lecture presented by Jeffrey Keillor in WCC-Room 1

09:00 01058 Synthesis and Glycosidase Inhibitory Activities of Zwitterionic Glycosidase Inhibitors Pinto B.M.
09:40 01059 Synthesis of Higher Carbohydrates on Dioxanone Scaffold Niewczas I.S., $Majewski M.
10:00 01060 Use of Carbohdyrate-Based b-Keto Esters as C-Glycosyl Donors $Schweizer F., Mondal D.
10:20 01061 Synthesis of C-Glycoside Clusters via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions Marra A.
11:00 End of Session

11:00 R.U. Lemieux Award Lecture presented by R. Stan Brown in WCC-Room 1

OR11WCC-Room 6

General - Modern Synthetic Methods

Organizer(s) - Bryan Hill
Chair(s) - Bryan Hill

08:20 Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research Award Lecture presented by Jeffrey Keillor in WCC-1

09:00 01062 A Powerful Method for the Preparation of Sulfur-Rich Macrocycles Rys A.Z., Abu-Yousef I.A., Harpp D.N.
09:20 01063 Tandem Olefin Metathesis and Pd-Catalyzed Direct Arylation as a Route to Higher Helicenes Côté J., $Collins S.K.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01064 Towards the Development of New C-C Bond Forming Reactions: Applications of Fluorous Chiral Supports for Parallel Reaction Studies Geary L.M., *Hultin P.G.
10:20 01065 Simple, Stable and Versatile Boron-Silicon Double-Allylation Reagents for the Stereoselective Preparation of Skeletally Diverse Compounds Peng F., *$Hall D.G.
10:40 01066 Application of Mn(OAc)3 Mediated Cyclizations to the Total Syntheses of Mersicarpine and Tronocarpine Magolan J., $Kerr M.A.
11:00 End of Session

11:00 R.U. Lemieux Award Lecture presented by R. Stan Brown in WCC-Room 1

PT1WCC-Room 11

Applications of Spectroscopy: Remotely and in the Lab (Joint with EN) (joint with EN2)

Organizer(s) - Jennifer van Wijngaarden
Chair(s) - Jennifer van Wijngaarden

08:00 Joint with Environmental Chemistry Division - See EN2

11:40 End of Session

PT3WCC-Room 13

Biocomputational Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Chérif Matta
Chair(s) - Richard Bader

08:00 01067 A Theoretical Study of Electron Addition to the Disulfide Bond in Thioredoxin Rickard G.A., Berges J., Houee-Levin C., *$Rauk A.
08:20 01068 Insight into the Catalytic Activity of Selenium-Containing Antioxidants *$Boyd R.J., Pearson J.K.
09:00 01069 Calculation of Electrostatic Properties of Proteins from Ultra High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Data: The MoPro Procedure *Lecomte C., Jelsch C., Guillot B., Fournier B., Lagoutte A., Pichon-Pesme V.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01070 Quantum Mechanics Applied to Molecules of Medicinal Chemistry Massa L.
10:40 01071 Quantum Chemical Topology: Polarization by Machine Learning *$Popelier P.L.A., Handley C., Darley M., Wedge D.
11:20 01072 Theoretical Investigation of "S-Nitrosohemoglobin" Koch D.M., *Peslherbe G.H., $English A.M.
11:40 End of Session


Post-Modern Electrochemistry (Joint with AN) (joint with AN10)

Organizer(s) - Sylvie Morin, Ian Burgess and Alexandre Brolo
Chair(s) - Peter Pickup and Ian Burgess

08:20 Joint with Analytical Chemistry Division - See AN10

11:40 End of Session

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