Sunday PM

AN3WCC-Room 9

Analytical Separations: Innovative Concepts and Applications

Organizer(s) - Nicholas Toltl
Chair(s) - Nick Toltl

13:40 00100 The Limits of Efficiency in Liquid Chromatography Dorsey J.G.
14:20 00101 Adventures in High Temperature Liquid Chromatography *$Lucy C.A., Liang C., Paproski R.E.
14:40 00102 A Cationic Bonded Graphitic Carbon Stationary Phase for Ion Chromatography Chambers S.D., *Lucy C.A.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00103 Application of Fast HPLC Techniques to Pharmaceutical Analysis *$Olsen B.A., Castle B.C.
16:00 00104 A Stable Silica-Based Stationary Phase for Anion Exchange Chromatography Glenn K.M., Haddad P.R., Lucy C.A.
16:20 00105 The Effect Of Analyte Acidity on Signal Suppression and the Implications for Peak Purity Determinations Using Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry *$Toltl N.P., Liao K., Pack B.W.
16:40 00106 Towards Automated Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Glycans by Off-Line LC MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Snovida S.I., Rak-Banville J.M., *$Perreault H.
17:00 End of Session

AN6WCC-Room 10

Innovations and Instrumentation (Microfluidic Devices)

Organizer(s) - Richard Oleschuk, Cameron Skinner and Michael Bowser
Chair(s) - Richard Oleschuk

13:40 00107 Individual Mitochondrial Analysis on Microfluidic Devices with Orthogonal Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection Arriaga E.A., Whiting C.E.
14:20 00108 Size and Adhesion Based Microfluidic Enrichment of Cardiac Cell Populations *$Radisic M., Brown M.A., Plouffe B.D., Murthy S.K.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00109 Integrated Microsystems for Detection and Differentiation of Bacterial Pathogens Lagally E.T.
16:00 00110 Cell-Microelectronic Sensing of Dynamic Cellular Responses to Air Particulate Exposure Huang L., Xie L., Boyd J.M., *$Li X.-F.
16:40 00111 Integrated Microfluidics for Label-Free Cell Characterization Stoeber B., Cheung K.C.
17:00 End of Session

BM6WCC-Room 15

Recent Advances in Natural Products Chemistry (Joint with OR) (joint with OR9)

Organizer(s) - Raymond Andersen and Russell Kerr
Chair(s) - Raymond Andersen

13:40 00112 Combinatorial Biosynthesis: New Opportunities for Natural Products Chemistry and Drug Discovery Shen B.
14:20 00113 Novel Approaches for Antibiotic Discovery Singh S.B.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00114 Design, Synthesis and Biological Activity of Analogs of Natural Peptides Vederas J.C.
16:00 00115 Reactions of Cytochrome P450cam and other Pseudomonas putida Enzymes *$Plettner E., Rojubally A.
16:20 00116 Copper-Mediated Nuclease Activity of the Jadomycins McFarland S.A., Jakeman D.L.
16:40 End of Session

CE6WCC-Room 7

Professional Development Activities for High School Teachers

Organizer(s) - George Hickling
Chair(s) - George Hickling

13:40 00117 Connections to Chemistry: A Local Section Professional Development Activity for High School Teachers Hoffman M.Z., Lantos S., Tanner R.
14:20 00118 Reflections on Using Interactive Engagement and Just-in-Time Teaching in a First Year General Chemistry Course *$Herring F.G.
15:00 End of Session

IN3WCC-Room 2

Mechanism and Design in Organometallic Catalysis

Organizer(s) - Peter Budzelaar, Jennifer Love and Deryn Fogg
Chair(s) - Deryn Fogg

13:40 00119 Organometallic Chemistry by Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Applications in the Mechanism of Olefin Metathesis and the Design of ROMP Catalysts *$Chen P.
14:20 00120 Investigating Organometallic Catalysis in Hydrocarbon Solvents by Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometry Henderson M.A., *$McIndoe J.S.
14:40 00121 New Insights into the Electronic Structure of Ruthenium Carbenes in Olefin Metathesis: Insights from Carbon K-Edge XAS Delgado Jaime M.U., *$Kennepohl P.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00122 Catalytic Metathesis of Alkynes with Nitriles: Synthetic and Mechanistic Advances *$Johnson M.J.A., Geyer A.M., Gary J.B., Wiedner E.S., Kampf J.W.
16:00 00123 Hydroformylation of 1-Alkenes by Newly Synthesized Rhodium N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes Kotyk M.W., $Crudden C.M., Praetorius J.M., Webb J.D.
16:20 00124 Rational Design of Diastereoselective Rh-Catalyzed Pauson-Khand Reactions *$Baik M.-H.
17:00 End of Session

IN4WCC-Room 3

Recent Advances on the Chemistry of Porphyrins, Phthalocyanines and Related Macrocycles

Organizer(s) - Pierre Harvey and Roger Guilard
Chair(s) - Silviu Balaban

13:40 00125 Bioinspired Porphyrin and Multiporphyrins: From Enzyme Models to Self-Assembled Multiporphyrins Weiss J.
14:20 00126 Vibrational and DFT Investigation of High-Valent Oxometalloporphyrins Czernuszewicz R.S.
15:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair - Laszlo Kalman

15:20 00127 Solvent Effects on the Electrochemistry and UV-Visible Spectroscopy of Manganese Corroles in Non-Aqueous Media *Kadish K.M., Shen J., Ojaimi M., Gros C.P., Barbe J.-M., Guilard R.
16:00 00128 Shape-Persistant Macrocyclic Complexes as Well-Defined Bimetallic Reaction Sites *$Love J.B., Volpe M., Arnold P.L., Patel D.
16:20 00129 Extending the Self-Organization Algorithm of Chlorosomal Bacteriochlorophylls to Synthetic Pigments *$Balaban T. S.
17:00 End of Session


Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy in Inorganic Materials (Joint with PT) (joint with PT12)

Organizer(s) - Scott Kroeker and Robert Schurko
Chair(s) - Gillian Goward

13:40 Clara Benson Award Lecture presented by Michèle Auger

13:40 00130 Deciphering the Secrets of Novel Antimicrobial Agents and Spider Silk: A Solid-State NMR Investigation *$Auger M.
14:20 00131 Mechanism of Central Dark Line Formation in Biominerals: Solid-State NMR Study of the Transformation of Octacalcium Phosphate to Hydroxyapatite *$Chan J.C.C., Tseng Y.-H., Mou C.-Y.
14:40 00132 Solid-State Chlorine NMR of Organometallic Complexes Rossini A.J., Briscoe G.A., *$Schurko R.W.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00133 Solid State NMR Strategies for the Structural Characterization of Glasses *$Eckert H.
16:00 00134 Solid-State 15N and 13C NMR of Thiazyl Materials *Boeré R.T., Iuga D., Roemmele T.L., Yu X.
16:20 00135 Solid-State NMR of Quadrupolar Nuclei: New Methods for Studying Structure and Dynamics in Minerals and Microporous Materials Wimperis S.
17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Scott Kroeker
Chair(s) - Scott Kroeker

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00136 Structures, Stabilities, and Properties of Divalent Copper Bound to His-Gly Tetrapeptides *Rauk A., Barry S.D., Rickard G.A., Pushie M.J.
17:00 00137 Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Ferrocene-Nucleic Acid Conjugates Song H., *Kraatz H.-B.
17:00 00138 Towards a FRET-Based ATP Biosensor Using Quantum Dot/Aptamer-Based Complexes Revesz E., Lai E.P.C., *$DeRosa M.C.
17:00 00139 A Study on Possible Interactions of Nanoparticles with Biological Molecules Kavianpour A., *$Kraatz H.-B.
17:00 00140 Nano-Structural Assembly of Dendrimers Lataifeh A., *$Kraatz H.-B.
17:00 00141 35/37Cl Solid-State NMR and Computational Investigations of the Chloride Ion Environment in Amino Acid Hydrochloride Salts $Chapman B.P., Bryce D.L.
17:00 00142 Selective Tuning of the Optoelectronic Properties of Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Materials Dienes Y., Baumgartner T.
17:00 00143 Cationic Dithieno[3,2-b:2´,3´-d]phospholes: A New Building Block for Luminescent, Conjugated Polyelectrolytes Durben S., Dienes Y., *$Baumgartner T.
17:00 00144 Investigation of Reactive Species by Matrix Isolation FTIR and Time-of-Flight MS. Thermal Fragmentation of the Guanidinato Aluminum Amide Precursor [Me2NC(NiPr)2]Al(NMe2)2 Ziffle L.C., Kenney A.P., Barry S.T., *$Müller J.
17:00 00145 Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry of Alkali Metal-Crown Ether Cations and Group 13 Hydride Anions Onut L., *McGrady G.S., Decken A.
17:00 00146 A Quantum Chemical Study of the Ring Opening of Cyclohexene on a Brønsted Acid Site Mackie I.D., DiLabio G.A., $Govindhakannan J., Ring Z.
17:00 00147 The Influence of the Local Environment on the Spectroscopic Properties of Tellurium Elder P.J.W., *Vargas-Baca I.
17:00 00148 Investigations of the Perfluoroaryl Boron Dervatives of BODIPY Dyes Bonnier C., *Piers W.E., Thompson A.
17:00 00149 Boron Analogues of Guanidinate Ligands Corrente A.M., Chivers T.
17:00 00150 Mechanism and Design in Homogeneous Chromium Ethylene Trimerization Catalysis *Jabri A., $Gambarotta S.
17:00 00151 Synthesis of Supported Heteroleptic Complexes for Use in Catalysis Jones R.C., $Canty A.J., *Gardiner M.G.
17:00 00152 Synthesis of Heteroleptic Complexes and their Application in Catalysis Jones R.C., $Canty A.J., *Gardiner M.G.
17:00 00153 Comparative Study of 2,2'-Bipyridine and its Boron-Derivatives: Synthesis and Characterization of Cu(I), Pt(II) and Ru(II) Complexes Sun Y., Ross N., *Wang S.
17:00 00154 Synthesis, Characterization and Chemistry of [RhCl(1,5-Cyclo-octadiene){P(CH2OH)3}] Lorenzini F., Patrick B.O., $James B.R.
17:00 00155 Exploring New Catalyst Designs for Olefin Metathesis Romero P., *Grubbs R.H.
17:00 00156 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Formation of Tetradentate N,S,S,N- Binuclear Transition Metal Complexes from Mononuclear N,S,S,N- Chelates *Bierenstiel M
17:00 00157 Surprising Mechanistic Insights from DFT Modeling of Ruthenium Hydride Catalysts for Alkene Hydrogenation Rowley C.N., Foucault H.M., Fogg D.E., Woo T.K.
17:00 00158 An Investigation into Ruthenium Alkylidyne Complexes Campbell C.D., *$Piers W.E., van der Eide E.F.
17:00 00159 Novel Iron(II) Complexes with Tetradentate P-N-N-P Donor Ligands and their Application in Hydrogenation of Ketones Sui-Seng C., Pütz A.-M., Hadzovic A., Haque F.N., Freutel F., Zimmer-De Iuliis M., Lough A.J., *Morris R.H.
17:00 00160 Investigations of Diastereoselective Control for Bis(salicylaldiminato)copper(II) Cyclopropanation Catalysts Boyd R.C., $Foley S.R.
17:00 00161 Studies toward Cross-Coupling of Aryl Fluorides by Pt(II) Complexes Wang T., *Love J.A.
17:00 00162 Insertion of SnX2 into the Pt-Y (X, Y = Cl, Br) Bond of Dimethylplatinum(IV) Complexes *$Momeni B.Z., Hosseini S.S, Moradi Z.
17:00 00163 The Reaction of Cp*Ir(CO)2 with Pentafluorobenzonitrile: C-F Activation *$Leong W.K., Chan P.K.
17:00 00164 Alkylboronate Tantalum(V) Clusters: A Multifunctional Lewis Acid Cage for Host-Guest Purposes *Fontaine F.-G., Garon C.N., Sigouin O.
17:00 00165 Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Conjugated Iron(III) Spin-crossover Complexes *$Lemaire M.T., Dujkic B.
17:00 00166 A Comparative Study of Two p-Benzoquinones: Redox and Coordination Chemistry Trefz T.K., *Hicks R.G.
17:00 00167 In-Situ ATR Investigation of Calcium Phosphate on Magnesium Alloy Substrates Strong M., $Gray-Munro J.
17:00 00168 Transition Metal Complexes Containing Quinone-Type Bridging Ligands Oakley S.R, Hicks R.G
17:00 00169 Chemical Oscillations and Photosensitivity in the Uncatalyzed Bromate-Pyrocatechol System Harati M., *Wang J.
17:00 00170 Catalytic Activity of Au, Pd and Bimetallic Nanoparticles in Ionic Liquids Dash P., *$Scott R.W.J.
17:00 00171 Cobalt-Mediated [5+2] Cycloaddition Reaction: Structure/Reactivity Relationship of g5-Pentadienyl Complexes Ylijoki K.E.O., Witherell R.D., Kirk A.D., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., *$Stryker J.M.
17:00 00172 Substituted Crown Ethers for Building Metal Organic Rotaxane Frameworks, MORFs Mercer D.J., *$Loeb S.J.
17:00 00173 Pressure-Induced Luminescence Effects on Mo(IV)-Oxo Complexes *$Reber C., Lanthier E.
17:00 00174 In-Situ Near-IR Spectroscopy as a Tool in Catalyst Discovery *Kerton F.M., Soper R.G., Butt S.M.
17:00 00175 Reactivity of Hemilabile Complexes of Transition and Main Group Metals Dureen M.A., Stephan D.W.
17:00 00176 Further Explorations of the Coordination Chemistry of 2-(2'-Anilinyl)-4,4-dimethyl-2-oxazoline *Gossage R.A., Decken A., Quail J.W., Jenkins H.A., Jackson S.M., Eisnor C.R.
17:00 00177 Iron(III) Complexes of Amine-Bis(phenolate) Ligands: Structure, Magnetic Behaviour and Reactivity *Kozak C.M., Roy Chowdhury R., Crane A.K.
17:00 00178 Alkylation of Phosphinimide-Supported Titanium(III) and Titanium(IV) Propargyl Complexes. Titanacyclobutene and 3,3'-Dititanacyclobutene Complexes by Radical and Nucleophilic Addition Morita M., *Stryker J.M.
17:00 00179 H-H Distance in Some Dihydrogen Complexes of Osmium Tardiff B.J., *McGrady G.S., Jagirdar B.
17:00 00180 Molybdenum and Tungsten Sulfide Fluoride Chemistry Gerken M., Hillary W., Nieboer J.
17:00 00181 Crown Ether Ligation and its Effects on the Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Low Oxidation State Group 13 Salts Cooper B.F.T., $Macdonald C.L.B.
17:00 00182 Novel Indolylphosphines and their Anion-Binding Affinities Ang M.T.C., Yu J.O., Mulani A., *Browning C.S., $Farrar D.H.
17:00 00183 Self-Assembly of Metal Organic Rotaxane Polygons, MORPs Viljoen E., *$Loeb S.J.
17:00 00184 Investigations into the Generality of Cu(II) Systems as Homogeneous Catalysts for Ethylene Polymerization Olson J.A., *Boyd R.C., $Foley S.R.
17:00 00185 Developing a Viable Interface between Silicon and Neurons: Nanopatterned Surfaces for Understanding the Basics of Neuron Function Daly B., *Giuliani F., $Buriak J.M.
17:00 00186 Electrophilic Phosphinidene Complexes and P-Element Bond Forming Reactions *$Sterenberg B.T., Bolton T.M., Miller L.R., Ulmer T.J.
17:00 00187 Synthesis and Characterization of Palladacyclic Complexes of Imino-Isoindoline and Unsupported c-Diimine Ligands: Effective Pre-Catalysts for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Reactions Chitanda J.M., *Quail J.W., $Foley S.R.
17:00 00188 Photochromic Valence Tautomeric Complexes Capable of Tunable Wavelength Photomagnetic Processes Frank N.L., Kopelman R.A., Paquette M.M.
17:00 00189 Synthesis of Geometrically Spin Frustrated Trinuclear Plaquettes: Building Blocks for Molecular Magnetic Materials Hatnean J.A., *Johnson S.A.
17:00 00190 Lanthanide Clusters: Synthesis, Characterisation and Spectroscopic Study of New Materials Baril-Robert F., Reber C., Petit S., Luneau D.
17:00 00191 Voltammetric Modelling of the Relationship between S4N4 and S3N3- *Chivers T., $Boeré R.T., Roemmele T.L.
17:00 00192 Organophosphines Bearing Pendant Acetylenes $Greenberg S., *Stephan D.W.
17:00 00193 Di-N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Bridging Ligands in Dirhodium Complexes *Wells K.D., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., $Cowie M.
17:00 00194 Using Coordination Chemistry to Control the Threading and Unthreading in Pseudorotaxane Ligands Sharma S., *$Loeb S.J.
17:00 00195 Organoiron Polymers Containing Rigid and Flexible Linkages *Abd-El-Aziz A.S., Vakili S.A.C., Hegmann T.
17:00 00196 Novel Coordination Compounds Based on Water Soluble Cysteine-Containing Organoiron Complexes *Abd-El-Aziz A.S., Vakili S.A.C., Kroeker S.
17:00 00197 Coordination Polymers of Bis(cyclopentadienyliron)arene Complexes Containing Cysteine Moieties *Abd-El-Aziz A.S., Winram D.J., Vakili S.A.C., Kroeker S.
17:00 00198 Redox-Dependent Isomerization in Cp*RuII/RuIII Complexes containing the Scorpionate Hydrotris(methimazolyl)borate Ligand *$Goh L.Y., Kuan S.L., Leong W.K., Webster R.D.
17:00 00199 Electron Transfer Reactions of the {(Nickel(II)cyclam)}.Cucurbituril[8] Inclusion Complex Hart L.A., *$Haines R.I.
17:00 00200 Investigations of Multiple-Quantum Off-Magic Angle Spinning NMR Aguiar P.M., Michaelis V.K., $Kroeker S.
17:00 00201 Characterization of Simple Paramagnetic Solids by Fast MAS NMR Spectroscopy Sidhu P.S., Aguiar P.M., *Kroeker S.
17:00 00202 6,7Li Solid State NMR Study of Li-Ion Mobility in LiMn2O4: Microscopic Insight into a Promising New Cathode Material Davis L.J.M., Cahill L.S., Chapman B., *Goward G.R.
17:00 00203 NMR Studies of Speciation and Homogeneity in Cesium Borosilicate Glasses McKinley C., Aguiar P.M., *$Kroeker S.
17:00 00204 Solid-State 31P and 13C NMR of Extremely Bulky Phosphines *Boeré R.T., Iuga D., Hazendonk P.
17:00 00205 A Multi-Nuclear Solid-State NMR Study of Layered Metal Phosphates Zhu J., *Huang Y.
17:00 00206 Probing the Local Structure of Ionic Liquid Salts with 35Cl, 79Br and 127I Solid State NMR Gordon P.G., Brouwer D.H., $Ripmeester J.
17:00 00207 A Solid-State NMR Study of Glass Crystallization Behavior Longstaffe J.G., Zwanziger J.W., Schneider J.F.
17:00 00208 S-33 and K-39 Solid State NMR of Potassium Sulfates *Moudrakovski I., Lang S., Patchkovskii S., Ripmeester J.
17:00 00209 NMR study of Fluoride-Doped Alkaline Silicate Glasses Karpukhina N.G., Zwanziger J.W., Werner-Zwanziger U., Kiprianov A.A.
17:00 00210 Magnetic Shielding Tensors of Hydridic Protons in Transition-Metal Hydrides Wang M., *$Wasylishen R.E.
17:00 00211 A 109Ag, 13C and 2H NMR and Quantum Chemical Study of Solid Organosilver Compounds Liu B., *Penner G.H.
17:00 00212 A Solid-State Phosphorus-31 NMR Investigation of a Multiple Spin Rhodium-Triphosphine Complex Bernard G.M., Feindel K.W., *$Wasylishen R.E.
17:00 00213 A Preliminary Arsenic-75 NMR Study of Arsenic Containing Solids *Penner G.H., Liu B.
17:00 00214 A Solid-State 51V NMR Investigation of the Magnetic Shielding and Quadrupolar Coupling of [V(O)(ONMe2)2]2O Teymoori R., Bernard G.M., *$Wasylishen R.E.
17:00 00215 Ultrahigh-Field NMR Studies of Nitrogen Doping and Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Two Polytypes of Silicon Carbide *Bain A.D., $Hartman J.S., Berno B.
17:00 00216 A Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Study of Platinum Mono- and Bisdithiolene Species Tang J.A., Kogut E., Lough A.J., Widdifield C.M., Fekl U., *Schurko R.W.
17:00 00217 Investigation of Silver-Phosphorus Halides Complexes [LnAgX] Using Solid-State 109Ag and 31P NMR Spectroscopy Chen F., *Wasylishen R.E.
17:00 00218 A Study of Proton Dynamics in Solid Acids Using Solid-State NMR Traer J.W., Soo K.J., *$Goward G.R.
17:00 00219 Big Spins and Big Quadrupoles *$Bain A.D.
17:00 00220 The Offset Compensated DIVAM Experiment Montina T.D., $Hazendonk P., Wormald P.
17:00 00221 Structural Characterization of Produced Water Using Solid-State 13C NMR Techniques *Clewett C.F.M., Corcoran B., Alam T.M., Osantowski E., $Pullin M.J.
17:00 00222 Morphological Studies on the Crystalline Domain in Poly(bistrifluoroethoxy) Phosphazene Using Domain Selective 13C{1H, 19F} MAS NMR Spectroscopy Borisof A.S., $Hazendonk P., Hayes P.G., Iuga A., DeDenus C.
17:00 01138 Synthesis and Solid State NMR Analysis of Rubidium Methane Phosphonate *Vijayakumar M., Traer J.W., Britten J.F., $Goward G.R.

19:00 End of Session

MS2WCC-Room 1

Organic Materials - Self Assembly (Joint with MT and OR)

Organizer(s) - Torsten Hegmann, Robert Lemieux and Sundar Sundararajan
Chair(s) - Alex Adronov

13:40 00223 Secondary Bonding Interactions of Heavy Main Group Elements in Supramolecular Chemistry Cozzolino A.F., Elder P.J.W., *Vargas-Baca I.
14:00 00224 Synthesis and Self Assembly of Janus-AT Heterocycles: Applications to DNA Recognition Asadi A., *$Perrin D.M.
14:20 00225 Functional Nanostructured Liquid Crystals Kato T.
15:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair - Ignacio Vargas-Baca

15:20 00226 Synthesis and Characterization of New Indolo[3,2-b]carbazole Derivatives Boudreault P.-L., *Leclerc M., Wakim S., Tao Y.
15:40 00227 Gold Nanoclusters in Nematic Liquid Crystals: Optically Activity, Ordering and Electro-Optics Qi H., *$Hegmann T.
16:00 00228 Self-Assembly of Dipyrromethene Complexes *Thompson A.
16:20 00229 Amphidynamic Materials and Molecular Machinery *$Garcia-Garibay M.A.
17:00 End of Session

MS4WCC-Room 12

Polymer Surfaces, Structures and Interfaces

Organizer(s) - Christopher Barrett
Chair(s) - Christopher Barrett

13:40 00230 Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Perfluorinated Molecules for the Control of Liquid Crystal Surface Anchoring Ritcey A.M., Galstian T.V., Simonyan L.
14:20 00231 Selective Electroless Metallization of Elastomeric Substrates: A New Approach to Flexible Electronics Mailloux C.M., Miller M.S., Sahli B.J., *$Carmichael T.B.
14:40 00232 Mode and Polarization State Selected Guided Wave Spectroscopy of Orientational Anisotropy in Model Membrane Cellulosic Polymer Films : Relevance to Lab-on-a-Chip Andrews M.P., Kanigan T.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00233 Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers and Quantum Dots in Langmuir Films: Adventures at the Air-Water Interface *Moffitt M.G., Cheyne R.B., von Aderkas E., Harirchian Saei S.
16:00 00234 A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Solid-State Structures of Linear Low-Density Polyethylenes Zhang M., Yuen F., *$Choi P.
16:20 00235 Design and Study of Polymer Microcapsules Stöver H.D.H.
17:00 End of Session

MT5WCC-Room 1

Organic Materials - Self Assembly (Joint with MS and OR) (joint with OR7)

Organizer(s) - Torsten Hegmann, Robert Lemieux and Sundar Sundararajan
Chair(s) - Alex Adronov

13:40 Joint with Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division and Organic Chemistry Division - See MS2

15:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair - Ignacio Vargas-Baca

17:00 End of Session

OR1WCC-Room 11

Biocatalysis and its Impact on Asymmetric Synthesis

Organizer(s) - Tomas Hudlicky
Chair(s) - Jon Stewart

13:40 00236 Chemoenzymatic Approach to the Preparation of Biologically Active Marine Metabolites *$Seoane G.
14:20 00237 Lipase-Mediated Oxidations of Olefins and Ketones Olivo H.F.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00238 Broad Substrate Spectrum and Crystal Structures of a New Baeyer-Villiger Cyclohexanone Monooxygenase of Rhodococcus Origin Wang S., Mirza A., Yachnin B., Berghuis A., Iwaki H., Hasegawa Y., Imura A., Grosse S., Bergeron H., *Lau P.C.K.
16:00 00239 Biocatalysts From Unusual Sources: The Reducing Power of Common Plants Gonzalez D.
16:40 00240 Molecular Modeling of a Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenase: Homology Modeling and Docking Studies on Cyclohexanone Monooxygenase (CHMO) Clouthier C.M., *Kayser M.M.
17:00 End of Session

OR4WCC-Room 4

Green Chemistry for Chemical Synthesis

Organizer(s) - C.J. Li and Robert Singer
Chair(s) - Robert Singer

13:40 00241 The Utility of CO2 in Organic Synthesis *$Jessop P.G.
14:20 00242 Catalysis and New Soluble Supports in Synthesis *$Charette A.B.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00243 Linking Synthetic Elegance, Material Efficiency, and Green Chemistry Principles for Synthesis Design and Analysis Andraos J.
15:40 00244 In Praise of Ionic Liquids: Chemicals for all Seasons *$Chan T.H., Miao W., He X., Donga R., Law M.C., Tong K.H., Tang M.C.Y., Damha M.J., Wong K.Y., Khaliq-Uz-Zaman S.M.
RSC Green Chemistry Lecture

16:20 00245 Organic Synthesis in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Related Environmentally Friendly Media *Danheiser R.L., Tester J.W., Mak X.Y., Ciccolini R.P., Holmes A.B.
17:00 End of Session

OR7WCC-Room 1

Organic Materials - Self Assembly (Joint with MS and MT) (joint with MT5)

Organizer(s) - Torsten Hegmann, Robert Lemieux and Sundar Sundararajan
Chair(s) - Alex Adronov

13:40 Joint with Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division and Materials Chemistry Division - See MS2

15:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair - Ignacio Vargas-Baca

17:00 End of Session

OR8WCC-Room 5

Recent Advances in Mechanistic Organic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Matthew Lukeman
Chair(s) - William Leigh and Peter Guthrie

13:40 00246 Does Aromaticity in a Reaction Product Increase or Decrease the Intrinsic Barrier? Bernasconi C.F.
14:20 00247 Predicting the Rates of Organic Reactions in Solution Guthrie J.P.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00248 Alkyl Ion Rearrangement and Beta Scission: Reconciling Computational Results with Conventional Mechanisms East A.L.L.
15:40 00249 Stability and Selectivity of Arenonium Carbocations *$More O'Ferrall R.A., McDonnell C.M., Pelet S., Lawlor D., Galvin M.
16:20 End of Session

OR9WCC-Room 15

Recent Advances in Natural Products Chemistry (Joint with BM) (joint with BM6)

Organizer(s) - Raymond Andersen and Russell Kerr
Chair(s) - Raymond Andersen

13:40 Joint with Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Division - See BM6

16:40 End of Session

PT6WCC-Room 13

Diversity and Innovation in Computational Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Georg Schreckenbach and Tom Woo
Chair(s) - Tom Woo

13:40 00250 The Best of Three Worlds: Combined Linear, Cluster, and Perturbation Expansions for Electron Correlation in Accurate Chemical Simulations *$Hirata S.
14:20 00251 Electron Transport in Molecular Electronic Devices Ernzerhof M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00252 Combinatorial Quantum Chemistry and Computational Methods Mezey P.G.
16:00 00253 The Problem of Effective Potentials in Density Functional Theory Staroverov V.N.
16:20 00254 From Size (and Shape) to Interelectronic Distance *Poirier R.A., Hollett J.W.
16:40 00255 Theoretical Overview of the Ultraviolet Singlet Excited States of NO Dimer Shi H., *East A.L.L.
17:00 End of Session


Photoprocesses in Chemical Systems: New Directions for Photonics Applications

Organizer(s) - Kalai Saravanamuttu
Chair(s) - Kalai Saravanamuttu and Patanjali Kambhampati

13:40 Clara Benson Award Lecture presented by Michèle Auger in Delta-A

14:20 00256 Design of Chiral Dopants for Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Photoswitches *Lemieux R.P., Roberts J.C., Li L.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00257 Gold Nanoparticle Stacking *$Mittler S., Rezaee A., Manifar T., Bourke T.C., Aliganga A.K.A.
16:00 00258 Surface Plasmon Optical Transmission Sensors *$Kavanagh K.L., Brolo A.G., Gordon R.
16:40 00259 Polarization-Dependent SERS, and an Application in Analytical Chemistry Anema J.R., $Brolo A.G.
17:00 End of Session


Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy in Inorganic Materials (Joint with IN) (joint with IN6)

Organizer(s) - Scott Kroeker and Robert Schurko
Chair(s) - Gillian Goward

13:40 Joint with Inorganic Chemistry Division - See IN6

13:40 Clara Benson Award Lecture presented by Michèle Auger in Delta-A

17:00 End of Session


Surfaces of Nanostructures, Nanostructured Surfaces

Organizer(s) - Stephen Urquhart and Peter Kruse
Chair(s) - Stephen Urquhart and Peter Kruse

13:40 Clara Benson Award presented by Michèle Auger in Delta-A

14:20 00260 Self Assembled Nano-Structures on Silicon Surfaces McNab I.R., Polanyi J.C., Dobrin S., Harikumar K.R., Lim T.B., Leung L., Sloan P.A., Waqar Z., Yang J.(S.Y.), Ayissi S., Hofer W.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00261 Interface States and Properties of Organic Nanostructures on Silicon *$DiLabio G.A.
16:00 00262 Label Free Electrical Biosensing on Crystalline Silicon Mischki T.K., Bin X., Fan C., Koukiekolo R., Pezacki J.P., Lopinski G.P., *$Wayner D.D.M.
16:20 00263 Surface Characterization of Fluorinated Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microfluidic Chips Wang D., Oleschuk R.D., *Horton J.H.
16:40 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Kathleen Gough
Chair(s) - Kathleen Gough

17:00 00264 A Computational Investigation of the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Purine Glycosidic Bond Cleavage Hunter K.C., Wetmore S.D.
17:00 00265 A Computational Investigation of the Properties of Damaged Nucleobases Millen A.L., *$Wetmore S.D.
17:00 00266 Configurations and SN2 Mechanisms of Dacarbazine and its Structural Analogues: Systematic Computational Configurational and Bimolecular Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction Mechanism Studies of Dacarbazine, a Triazene-Containing Anti-Neoplastic Agent, and its Structural Analogues Doucet K.G., *Pye C.C.
17:00 00267 Quantum Molecular Similarity: An Atoms-in-Molecules Approach *Bohorquez H.J., Boyd R.J.
17:00 00268 Migration of Hydrogen Gas through Small and Large Clathrate Hydrate Cages *Alavi S., $Ripmeester J.
17:00 00269 An Approximate Diatomics in Molecules Formulation of Generalized Valence Bond Theory Cullen J.M.
17:00 00270 Average Value Many Body Perturbation Theory Cullen J.M.
17:00 00271 Adsorption and Diffusion of H2 and CO on FeCo Alloy Surfaces Lo J.M.H., Ziegler T.
17:00 00272 Analysis of the Molecular Polarizability and Raman Scattering Intensities in Bicyclo-[1.1.1]-pentane with the Theory of Atoms in Molecules Qu W., *$Gough K.M.
17:00 00273 Theoretical Study on the Stability of some Unusual BN Helices *Szakacs C.E., Mezey P.G.
17:00 00274 Computational DFT Study of Polypyrrolic Macrocycles: Analysis of Actinyl-Oxo to Transition Metal Bonding Berard J.J., Schreckenbach G., Arnold P.L., Patel D., Love J.B.
17:00 00275 A Density Functional (DFT) Study of the Various Forms of UN4O12 Containing Uranyl Nitrate Berard J.J., Shamov G.A., Schreckenbach G.
17:00 00276 Geometry and Electronic Structures of Boron-Nitrogen Nano-Needles *Simon E., Mezey P.G.
17:00 00277 Towards the Understanding of the Impact of Functionalisation on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Moonoosawmy K.R., *Kruse P.
17:00 00278 Solvation and Selectivity at the Interface of Pirkle-Type Chiral Stationary Phases Nita S., Cann N.M., *$Horton J.H.
17:00 00279 Binary SAMs Formed by Passive Co-Adsorption, Exchange Reaction, and Electrochemical Co-Adsorption Lee L.Y.S., *Lennox R.B.
17:00 00280 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Radical Molecular Arrays on Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon(100)-2×1 Shimoi Y., Dogel S., *$DiLabio G.A., Lin S., Ingold K.U.
17:00 00281 Microcontact Printing of Organic Monolayers on Hyride-Terminated Silicon Surfaces Wang D., *Buriak J.M. WITHDRAWN
17:00 00282 Volume and NMR Studies of Gemini Surfactants and Cyclodextrins in Aqueous Solution Wilson L.D., *$Verrall R.E.
17:00 00283 The Nature of the Electronic Transition in TiAs *Grosvenor A.P., Cavell R.G., Mar A.
17:00 00284 Second Shell, Next-Nearest Neighbour Contributions to P 2p3/2 X-Ray Photoelectron Binding Energy Shifts of Mixed Transition-Metal Phosphides (M1-xM'xP) with the MnP-Type Structure *Grosvenor A.P., Cavell R.G., Mar A.
17:00 00285 X-Ray Photoelectron Emission Microscopy of Grain Boundary Phases in Stainless Steel Alloys Haines B., Lanke U.D., Hall B., Chioveli S., Anderson M., Kenny K., *$Urquhart S.G.
17:00 00286 X-Ray Microscopy of Organic-Clay Interactions Covelli D., *$Urquhart S.G., Munoz V., Oladipo O., Mikula R.

19:00 End of Session

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