Chemical Education

Sunday AM

CE2WCC-Room 7

Chemistry Department Accreditation Standards and Laboratory Safety

Organizer(s) - Michael Mombourquette
Chair(s) - Michael Mombourquette

08:00 00020 Laboarory Safety Management: An Integrated Approach *$Mead E.L.
08:40 00021 Teaching Safety: The Personal Approach Phillipson A.
09:20 00022 Laboratory Safety: Why Do Students Read this as Laboratory &#$@*! ? Venkateswaran R.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00023 Safe Science: An Interactive CD-ROM $Hinman A.S., Wagstaff K.
11:00 Panel Discussion

11:20 End of Session

11:25 CIC Medal Lecture presented by Diethard Bohme in WCC-Room 3

Sunday PM

CE6WCC-Room 7

Professional Development Activities for High School Teachers

Organizer(s) - George Hickling
Chair(s) - George Hickling

13:40 00117 Connections to Chemistry: A Local Section Professional Development Activity for High School Teachers Hoffman M.Z., Lantos S., Tanner R.
14:20 00118 Reflections on Using Interactive Engagement and Just-in-Time Teaching in a First Year General Chemistry Course *$Herring F.G.
15:00 End of Session

Monday AM


Undergraduate Research and Education

Organizer(s) - Lamine Diop and Michael Dickman
Chair(s) - John Olson and Bob Brown

08:00 00326 Enriching the Culture of Undergraduate Research in Canadian Chemistry Mahaffy P.G.
08:20 00327 "Everybody Wins" - Improving the Undergraduate Organic Laboratory Experience via Student Research Projects Dicks A.P.
08:40 00328 Level 1 Science Inquiry at McMaster University *$McCarry B.E.
09:20 00329 Introducing Undergraduate Students to Research through a Laboratory Inquiry Course *Vargas-Baca I., Cozzolino A.F.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 CIC Chemical Education Award Lecture presented by Robert Burk

Introduction of Robert Burk by Ray Clement

10:00 00330 Teaching with Technology in First Year Chemistry: A 10 Year Confluence of Expediency, Opportunities and Demand *$Burk R.C.
10:40 00331 The Other Side of the Coin: Undergraduate Research at a Research-Intensive University Loppnow G.R.
11:00 00332 The End of Chemical Education Grant A.S.
11:40 End of Session

CE9WCC-Room 7

Women in Science

Organizer(s) - Gro Thorne-Tjomsland
Chair(s) - Gro Thorne-Tjomsland

10:00 00333 Project Catalyst: Taking Action to Increase the Percentage of Women Faculty in the Sciences Armour M.-.A.
10:40 00334 Connecting Women in Science Vassileva J.I.
11:20 00335 Intersections of Feminism and Science: A Women's Studies Primer Dodd J.G.
12:00 Panel Discussion and Bag Lunch

Monday PM

CE7WCC-Room 7

Recycling and Composting (Joint with EN) (joint with EN7)

Organizer(s) - Aurèle Boisvert
Chair(s) - Aurèle Boisvert

15:40 00469 Collège de Rosemont, a Montreal Collegial Institution Providing General and Professional Education to 3000 Students, Leads the Path to Institutional Ecodevelopment in Quebec Litzler R.
16:20 00470 Material Recycling: New Problems, New Cool Green Chemistry Solutions Lafortune F., *Deblois M.
17:00 End of Session


Undergraduate Research and Education

Organizer(s) - Lamine Diop and Michael Dickman
Chair(s) - John Olson and Bob Brown

13:00 00471 ACE Organic, a Web-Based Organic Chemistry Homework Program Grossman R.B., Finkel R.A., Joiner K., Allu M.S.
13:40 00472 Authentic/Alternative Assessment in Chemistry/Science Education II: The Effect of the Auto Quiz on the Achievement of Science College Students *$Camacho M.
14:00 00473 Authentic/ Alternative Assessment II: Classification of Organic Compounds, Reactions/Mechanisms by Science Majors *$Camacho M.
14:20 00474 Chemistry in Action at Simon Fraser University (CIA@SFU) Lavieri S.
14:40 00475 Integrating Work Placements to Enhance Student Learning at CNA-Qatar Bhattacharya R.
15:00 End of Session

CE9WCC-Room 7

Women in Science

Organizer(s) - Gro Thorne-Tjomsland
Chair(s) - Gro Thorne-Tjomsland

14:00 End of Session

Tuesday AM

CE3WCC-Room 7

Computational Chemistry in Chemical Education (Joint with PT) (joint with PT5)

Organizer(s) - James Xidos
Chair(s) - James Xidos

10:00 00693 Teaching Computational Chemistry at the University Of Minnesota: Curriculum and Philosophy *$Cramer C.J.
10:40 00694 From Particle-in-a-Box to Computational Chemistry: In One Term? In Second Year? Brown A.
11:00 00695 Computational Chemistry for the Masses *Xidos J.D.
11:20 End of Session

11:25 Montreal Medal Lecture presented by Joseph Hubert in WCC-Room 3

CE5WCC-Room 7

Polymer Education in the Undergraduate Curriculum (Joint with MS) (joint with MS3)

Organizer(s) - Phillip Choi and Sundar Sundararajan
Chair(s) - Sundar Sundararajan and Phillip Choi

08:20 00696 An Industry's Perspective of Polymer Education. How Well Prepared Are Undergraduate Students? Farrugia V., Moffat K., Ng H., Burns P.
09:00 00697 Polymer Education at the Undergraduate Level at Carleton University, Ottawa *$Sundararajan P., Wang Z.Y.
09:20 00698 A Newly Developed Polymer Materials Elective Stream at the University of Alberta Choi P.
09:40 End of Session

Tuesday PM

CE3WCC-Room 7

Computational Chemistry in Chemical Education (Joint with PT) (joint with PT5)

Organizer(s) - James Xidos
Chair(s) - James Xidos

13:40 00828 The Abacus Project Thachuk M.
14:20 00829 Quantum Chemical Calculation and Interpretation of NMR Parameters for Undergraduates *Bryce D.L., Wasylishen R.E.
14:40 00830 Analyzing and Interpreting NMR Spin-Spin Coupling Constants Based on Molecular Orbital Calculations *Autschbach J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00831 Conformational Analysis of Biphenyls and 1,4-Dihydropyridines *Skonieczny S., Staikova M., Dicks A.P.
15:40 00832 Electronegativity, Hardness, and the Density-Functional Theory Perspective on Chemical Reaction Phenomena *$Ayers P.W.
16:00 00833 Enhancing the Undergraduate Curriculum through Research Collaborations in a Computational Chemistry Lab *Wetmore S.D.
16:20 Round Table Discussion

Moderator - James Xidos

17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - François Gauvin
Chair(s) - François Gauvin

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00834 A Hands-On Experiment for Children: Mass, Volume, and an Introduction to Crystal Structure Holliday A.E., Donald L.J.
17:00 00835 Let's Talk Science Partnership Program Wiegert T.
17:00 00836 Making Science Accessible to Manitoba Youth: The Access Program for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Garces S.
17:00 00837 Creating A BC-Integrated Laboratory Network: The Williams Lake Experience Lettinga M., Brewer S.E., Cinel B., Cancilla D., Albon S.

19:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

CE1WCC-Room 7

Chemistry Competitions - Regional, National and International

Organizer(s) - Gordon Bates
Chair(s) - Gordon Bates

08:00 00999 A Quarter Century of the National High School Chemistry Examination, NHSCE: Past, Present, and Future Abhyankar S.B.
08:20 01000 CHEM 13 NEWS and AVOGADRO Exams: A Historical Perspective Bissonnette C., Brubacher L.J.
08:40 01001 Thompson Rivers University Chemistry Contest Brewer S.E., Bickley D.G., Cinel B.
09:00 01002 Canadian Chemistry and Physics Olympiads Skonieczny S.
09:20 01003 Identifying and Training Top High School Students - The Ontario Chemistry Olympiad Program Dicks A.P.
09:40 Student Awards Reception and Student Chapters Presidents Meeting

11:00 Chemistry Competitions - Informal Discussion This time has been set aside for an open discussion regarding the various chemistry competitions. All interested are invited to attend.

11:40 End of Session

Wednesday PM

CE4WCC-Room 7

Fast Breaks and Flash Points: Chemistry Essentials for Society

Organizer(s) - Elena Smirnova
Chair(s) - Peter Mahaffy and Elena Smirnova

13:00 01084 Social Software: Enhancement and Preservation of Conference Content Lancaster L.I., Lynch B.M.
13:20 01085 Tipping Points? Seeing and Understanding the Chemistry of our Atmosphere *Mahaffy P.G., Martin B., Mahaffy R., Martin A.
14:00 01086 Integrating Green Chemistry in Undergraduate Chemical Education Abhyankar S.B.
14:20 Discussion

15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01087 Are Cows More Trustworthy Than Chemists? *Schwarcz J.
16:00 01088 Oleoresins, Gems of Yesteryear Laszlo P. WITHDRAWN
16:40 Discussion

17:00 End of Session

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